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Welcome to Organic Rainforest, where we provide organic superfoods aimed to optimize, heal, and maintain your life. We believe that the combinations of health benefits recognized within our superfoods line, will benefit you and your health. 

Our superfoods are special as they are grown in unique geographic areas (mainly in Peru) and cannot be grown in other regions of the world. Delivering the benefits of these superfoods to the world is our mission.

Our factory takes organic Peruvian fruits like Camu Camu (plant is submerged within the amazon river), and vegetables like Maca (grown on high altitudes within the mountains), and produce powder, and vegetarian capsules. We also specialize in the production of cacao and start from the beans in the jungle to the final chocolate bar.

Health Benefits  -  Products

Increased Health – Camu Camu

Healthy Skin – Chaga Tea

Increased Energy – Black Maca

Hormonal Balance – Red Maca

Antioxidants – Cacao Nibs/ Powder


Make an Organic Rainforest Smoothie!

The Camu Camu fruit contains some of the highest natural concentrations of vitamin c in the world, and you should start your day with camu camu. Next you should add maca and a pinch of our raw cacao powder for a natural chocolate taste!

Try our line into your smoothies and feel the difference. We offer the necessary variety of superfoods that can positively influence your health simply by eating raw, organic highly nutritious foods your body isn’t used to consuming.


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