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Organic Rainforest Coffee Subscription Program

If you are like us, you are addicted to certified organic, fresh, medium, and dark roasted fairly traded Peruvian coffee. We are now offering the Organic Rainforest Coffee Subscription Program where you can be assured that you will not run out of fresh coffee again!

Why our coffee? Because it is organic,fairly traded, delicious, and extremely fresh! We do our utmost best as personal consumers to ensure that we are always drinking the best quality, freshest coffee available, and we are happy to share the experience with our partners and customers!

Our coffee beans are flown by air from Peru to Canada resulting in minimal transportation time and the freshest beans possible.

Most coffee is exported in shipping containers that travel by boat on the Ocean (over 1 month) and have a lengthy time duration until consumption.

Our coffee beans arrive in days... not weeks or months. The coffee is roasted by us in Etobicoke Ontario. The coffee is then packaged within 2 business days and sent out for consumption. This is how you experience the freshest coffee available and better yet, not run out. 

How it works... You become our partner and agree to take either 1 or 2 bags (1 lb) of coffee (either medium or dark roast or both) per month for 6 months. That's right. You pre-purchase all of your coffee for half a year all at one time. Like this, every month we will ship you coffee from the freshest batch we have available!

Experience the difference between our coffee (which was probably on the pod in the Peruvian jungle a few weeks back) against your local donut store coffee and you be the judge!

Program A: 1 lb of Dark Roast or 1 lb of Medium Roast

Program B: 2 lb of Dark Roast or 2 lb of Medium Roast or 1 lb of Dark Roast and 1 lb of Medium Roast


Program A: JOIN TODAY!  - $ 205

Program B: JOIN TODAY!  - $ 350


If you are interested in obtaining more information about the subscription program please fill in the following and we will get back to you.






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